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Pushups are a true training classic – it wasn’t just for the hell of it that American record holder Charles Servizio pulled off an incredible 46,001 of them in 24 hours. This all-purpose exercise trains entire whole body without the need for equipment!

How to train

  • Hands shoulder-width apart, fingers pointing forwards
  • Shoulders positioned vertically over wrists
  • Hips, shoulders and feet should form a straight line
  • Elbows facing backwards
  • Feet should be a maximum of shoulder-width apart
  • Elbows should be facing backwards
  • Elbows should be bent to a maximum of ninety degrees
  • Chest should touch the floor

What to look out for

  • No arch in the back
  • Abdominal muscles and glutes tensed
  • Shoulder blades should be pulled together
  • Movement should be performed in a controlled, steady fashion

What you’ll train


  • Pectoral muscles


  • Triceps
  • Front of shoulders