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Over 500,000 people have taken part in the infamous “plank challenge” so far – and there’s no doubt it’s worth it. Planks are a quick way to train body control, muscle tone and discipline. If this weren’t enough, they also have a recognized meditative aspect – there’s nothing to focus on but you, the pose and your breathing!

How to train

  • Support bodyweight on elbows and feet
  • Shoulders should be positioned vertically over elbows
  • Shoulders, hips and feet should form a straight line
  • Buttocks, stomach and lower back should be tensed

What to look out for

  • Upper body should be kept straight, with no arching or drooping
  • Gaze should be kept fixed on the floor
  • Tension should be maintained in stomach and lower back throughout entire exercise

What you’ll train


  • Abdominal muscles
  • Front of shoulders
  • Oblique abdominal muscles
  • Front of thighs


  • Shin muscles
  • Trapezius muscle
  • Glutes
  • Spinal erector