Know the feeling?

You’ve set ambitious goals and are working out almost every day – but only a short time into
your regimen, motivation starts to fade. The workout routine is always the same. You’re on your own. There’s a lack of competition to motivate you.

The good news: Those days are over! Survivor Challenge allows you to experience workouts in a whole new way. Challenge yourself and others to achieve your best and use “Challenges” (exercises) and “Actions” (strategic cards) to weaken your opponents and eliminate them from the game. Any player who fails to complete a challenge is eliminated from the game. The last player standing is crowned the survivor!

Finally, a fun way to get fit!

All you need to get started is the deck of cards and 2-6 willing participants. Try the first fitness card game of its kind and push the limits you thought you had. Survivor Challenge turns workouts into a game, a group commitment and a competition.

How does Survivor Challenge work?


Survivor Challenge offers a lot more than a set of fitness exercises. “Actions” are strategic cards that allow you to assert yourself against your opponents and change the course of the game. A list of all Actions can be found below. Depending on the cards you’re holding, they can be used to attack opponents, defend yourself, or both! Check them out!

Training Partner
If the “Training Partner” card is played, the attacker must choose either to perform the challenge alongside their target or to cancel the attack.
With the “Swap” card, a challenge issued by an attacker can be swapped for any challenge from the target’s own hand.
With the “Scapegoat” card, a player can take a challenge issued to them and pass it on to any other player.
If the “Penalty” card is played, the player must remain in the end position for an additional 10 seconds upon completing their last repetition. Only challenges marked with the “Penalty” symbol may be combined with this card.
The “Revenge” card turns the challenge back on the attacker and allows the player
to add an additional challenge from their own hand.
“Rest” allows you to skip a challenge of your choosing. It can be used against an attack from another player or a challenge within a wave. In the event of a double attack, it is only possible to block one of the two challenges.
Motivation Boost
As soon as a player draws a “Motivation Boost”, they must show the card and begin participating in the challenges issued to all other players, including any combined attacks. The boost remains active until the eruption of the next wave (see “Waves”) and can then be passed on to any other player. The card is only removed from the game when the relevant player is eliminated, or when only 2 players remain. The “Motivation Boost” does not apply to drill exercises or to challenges that are neutralized by actions.
With a “Combo”, two challenges can be bundled together to make a double attack. The challenges must be performed in the specified order. It is not possible to combine two black challenges.

At a glance

Here you have access to the latest gameplay rules and to some background information about our activities.

Please note: The Action cards and manual included in each Survivor Challenge pack are currently only available in German. However, all the information you need to understand the game and get started – including our introductory video and manual – is available online in English. We are currently working on making Survivor Challenge available in other languages, and are always available at info@survivor-challenge.de in case of further questions. We wish you hours of fun getting fit!