Get fit by having fun!

The first fitness card game of its kind

At last – a way to make fitness workouts competitive and fun. Meet with friends, family or colleagues and challenge them with training exercises and strategic maneuvers. Players who fail to complete a challenge are eliminated from the game, while the last player standing is crowned the “survivor”. Push yourself to your limits and try your hand at the first fitness card game of its kind – with intensive workouts, strategy and fun

The perfect
fitness companion
for when you’re on the move.

All benefits at a glance

The first
fitness card game

Mit Survivor Challenge wird Fitness endlich zum Spiel und Wettbewerb. Triff dich mit Freunden, Familie und Kollegen und fordere sie mit Fitness-Übungen und strategischen Spielzügen heraus. Wer eine Trainingsübung nicht schafft, fliegt aus dem Spiel. Wer am Ende als letzter übrigbleibt ist der Gewinner des Spiels: der Survivor. Gehe jetzt an deine Grenzen und teste das erste Fitness-Kartenspiel mit intensivem Training, Strategie und Spielspaß!

The perfect
fitness companion
for when you’re on the move.​

All benefits at a glance

Genuine competition

Motivate each other
within the group and measure your fitness
directly against your friends.

A fun way to get fit

Experience the first
card game that makes you fitter
and stronger with every round.

Play anywhere

Play at home, in the office,
or at the park, beach or gym –
no equipment required.

Strategically smart

Use “Action” cards to defend yourself
or turn the tables on an opponent.

Comprehensive training

Train your entire body
with a wide variety of exercises.

Suitable for all

Couch potatoes or thoroughbred
athletes – with 4 different difficulty levels,
everyone can get involved.